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Email notification for any module going critical
Using the community version, is it possible to get an email alert if any module goes critical?  The documentation only talks about setting an alert on an individual module for an individual agent.
Hi Rbnelson,

You can perform these action using Event Alerts:



That would be an enterprise feature, I'm asking about the community version.
You can do it, but you need to create individual alerts for each module. 

Under Manage Monitoring -> Manage Agents.
Hover over the agent, select Alerts
This brings you to your alerts screen where  you attach alerts, select "Critical Condition" under the templates, and email under actions providing you have that set up under Manage Alerts-> Actions
As I said in the initial post, I know how to set an alert on an individual module.  I was looking for something more global.

For now I used the Massive Alert Addition to set them but it is easy to miss one and new modules require repeating the process making it even more likely one will be missed.
Hello rbnelson,

The alerts cannot be added to agents as "global" keeping in mind only the agent status, so i'm afraid you will have to add alerts to every module using the policies or massive operations.


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