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Automatic refresh
I’m working with Pandora FMS v5.0 SP2 and I have a problem concerning the timing of monitoring:

In the Monitoring section, if I access to Tactic View or Tree View, for example, at the top of these pages I can c ustomize autorefresh. When I assigned some timing begins a countdown and the page is refreshed each X time.
The problem is that if I leave the page and re-enter, the autorefresh is lost and I have to reconfigure it every time I access the page.

Is there any way to automatically refresh without going configuring each time?

Thanks in advance.

The are some pages, such as the tactical server information one, that come with this autorefresh parameter by default, but I fear that is not possible to do it without editing the code of the console. A workaround could be to save the complete url with the autorefresh parameter and access from this new link.


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