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Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 Is Out
We are very pleased to announce the new Service Pack 2 for version 5.1 of Pandora FMS, with many new features and numerous bug fixes compared to the last release. You can find out some of the new features below:
  • New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows.
  • Massive deleting of the Network Maps.
  • New Tree view widget in the Dashboard.
  • New graphical histogram in the SLA Services Reports.

For more information on the the new features and an extensive list visit the following webpage:

To update to the new version you can use the Update Manager.
You can now download the complete packages at :
Sorry for off topic, but what about Pandora FMS 6.0? On the news page said "We plan to release this version in Q2 of 2015." Since then, it took almost 3 months.

I have some problems with Pandora's API (description documentation does not match the actual behavior) and I was hoping that they will be solved in the new version of Pandora FMS.
Hello xcme,

Version 6 will be available very soon. I cannot say exactly, but it shouldn't take much more days.


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