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Network maps affected by Pandora 5.1 upgrade (solved)
All of the agents in map are in the same group called Andrews; however, this also happens on a map using All Groups. Again, the issue is that the agent has a parent set (in the case of the Andrews map, both the agent and parent are in the Andrews group) and the parent is ignored on the map, the agent link directly to the Pandora icon. I am also seeing that neither of the screenshots I submitted have been approved in the posts. Please allow them to be displayed. Thanks
Following up on this issue. Not resolved.
(11-03-2014, 08:07 PM)mike_moyse link Wrote:What I posted was a screen shot topology map!!!!!!!!

Hi Mike

Sorry for the time passed since last update. We finally catch the bug, was very very difficult to reproduce, but has been committed two hours ago, and will be ready to download in tomorrow's update. I hope this solve this issue once for all.

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