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Network maps affected by Pandora 5.1 upgrade (solved)
(10-23-2014, 02:19 PM)smartin link Wrote:Hi,

In Topology Maps, you can see the parent / child relationship. In the group map, you can not see the parent / child relationship.

It's not a bug, that bug was updated and corrected.


Still broken here. All updates applied.
Can you attach a topology map screenshot?

Mike-PC is set as a child of TSD Firewall. If I set it as a child of TSD Router it displays as a child of that device.

Attached Files

.png   PandoraMap.PNG (Size: 69.18 KB / Downloads: 75)
You can only see the parent / child relationship in the topological map.

The map group can not see. I have version 5.1 SP1 installed and works perfectly. I attached a screenshot so you can see it.


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.png   parent_child.png (Size: 153.17 KB / Downloads: 108)
What I posted was a screen shot topology map!!!!!!!!
And here is the proof.

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.png   Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 20.10.58.png (Size: 163.48 KB / Downloads: 3)
I think moderator doesn't understand what we are talking about. or he pretends that.
i have even posted a sample case in this thread that pandorafms team can try out.
i confirm that Still the bug exists.

at this moment, parent child relationship works perfect ONLY if you have CREATED agents on the correct hierarchy. the problem is within agent ids.

we need it work irrespective of "agent ids" (agent creation order)


you've attached a map of the group. I have attached a topology map.

See to the wiki
we will investigate this

(11-04-2014, 03:11 PM)smartin link Wrote:we will investigate this


Does that mean that you now understand that there really is an issue and you were completely misunderstanding our report?

I notice you deleted my post which clearly explained that I was showing you a topology map by way of pointing out that the screen shot had the words "Topology map" clearly shown on the screen ;-)  Nice.

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