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Limit on parent/child ?
I set up monitoring to watch my local DSL router and my hardware firewall with Pandora running in a cloud server. I set the router to be the parent of the firewall and it displays fine in the topology graph.

I then set up an internal Windows machine and set the firewall as its parent but it only displays at the Pandora Fms level. If I set it with the router as the parent it correctly displays.

Is there some limit in the free version for the number of children or am I doing something wrong?
you might take a look at this.
Interesting. The Group Map also doesn't show the parent child relationship correctly. I'd expect the topology map to display the relationship but it doesn't.

Nagios does this just fine ;-)

In Topology Maps, you can see the parent / child relationship. In the group map, you can not see the parent / child relationship.

It's not a bug, that bug was updated and corrected.

Just to round this out, in another thread this has been identified as a bug and a workaround for installations with a low number of clients has been issued.

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