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Problem with parent/child
I set up monitoring to watch my local DSL router and my hardware firewall with Pandora running in a cloud server. I set the router to be the parent of the firewall and it displays fine in the topology graph.

I then set up an internal Windows machine and set the firewall as its parent but it only displays at the Pandora Fms level. If I set it with the router as the parent it correctly displays.

Is there some limit in the free version for the number of children or am I doing something wrong?
Seriously? 80+ views and nobody knows the answer or where to look for the answer?
Well, I thought I'd found the perfect answer to my monitoring but the complete lack of support has killed this project for me.
I fine this project is very well supported. The issue was a bug in 5.1 and has been fixed in 5.1 SP1.

Please see the thread below:
In Windows SNMP monitoring does not work properly. Recommend to monitor the official ISO image based on Centos Pandora.

(10-20-2014, 03:31 PM)csandrews68 link Wrote: I fine this project is very well supported. The issue was a bug in 5.1 and has been fixed in 5.1 SP1.

Please see the thread below:

I only downloaded and installed Pandora a few weeks back so I'd expect to have the latest version. Although it displays in the web console as version 5.0, attempting to install version 5.1 says "package pandorafms_server-5.1-1.noarch is already installed" so I must be on the latest version.

The update manager just tells me I've got last version 0 and offers to update and then says it can't copy the files. Nothing is logged to say what the problem is but a note on the screen suggests that the update feature is only available in the Enterprise edition (WTF?).

Documentation on how to upgrade or install SP1 is extremely sparse to non-existant.

As for SP1, it's not even listed on the download page so I have no idea where to get it from :-(
The SP1 version has not come out yet.

Will come next week.

Update is broken.
Yum update results in:

Error: Package: pandorafms_server-5.1SP1RC3-1.noarch (artica_pandorafms)
          Requires: perl-Encode-Locale
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

Trying to then install perl-Encode-Local results in dependency hell.

Sometimes I just want kick OpenSource projects in the nuts ;-)
I've started a new thread for the update problem
Well update problem resolved but still none of the network maps correctly reflect the true nature of the network :-(

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