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New user, some questions, and maybe one bug.

Doing a test run of Pandora 5.1, and i have tried several. So far, it is very promising.

However, i am struggling with some logics:

Can i not attach a set og module templates to a group? I would want to put a agent inside a group, and it will then be polled with the relevant templates automatically.

If i change a agent ip, the templates attached are not changing ip's as well, this breaks stuff. Manually changing the ip's will be painful... If i implement Pandora now, this will be a real issue in a couple of months, when we are going to change subnets for our management network.

How can i attach an alert to a specific module template? It is painful to attach to each and every one template on each agent. The best is to do this when creating the template, not afterward, at least for a preliminary setup as i do now. It feels that a new agent requires a lot of back and forth to get everything he needs.

Possible bug:

I made a group, with a child, and yet 2 childs under this, 3 "steps" down.

I would expect to see it like this, when hierearchy of the group is opened.

And like this when closed:


What i see when closed (just opening group view)


Attached some screenshots, filenames will explain what is happening.

Edit: first time click alvarion.jpg was wrong, posted right one in the reply below, sorry about that.

First i open "manage groups" (Closed.jpg)
Then i click "Radio" (Open first level radio.jpg)
Then i have to click alvarion once, then vl/B and Wimax disappear (First time click alvarion.jpg)
Then i click alvarion a second time, and they are back, still misplaced imho. (Second click Alvarion.jpg)





Attached Files

.jpg   closed.jpg (Size: 199.2 KB / Downloads: 2)
.jpg   Open first level radio.jpg (Size: 170.84 KB / Downloads: 2)
.jpg   first time click alvarion.jpg (Size: 170.84 KB / Downloads: 2)
.jpg   Second click alvarion.jpg (Size: 170.96 KB / Downloads: 2)
Correct photo attached.

Attached Files

.jpg   first time click alvarion.jpg (Size: 174.41 KB / Downloads: 2)
Also found another issue in the groups:

Added a new group called Routers. Made a child under this, "Cisco".

I was not allowed, since i already have "Cisco" under switches...This does not make sense, childs should not affect each other as long as parents differ?

For the first issue we have already detected that problem and in 5.1 SP1 it should come out with that issue fixed. As for the second problem we consider to maintain that and there can't be any doubles in manage groups.


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