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host alive is not much prominent in agents data page
As we all know Host Alive is the most important module in a agent.I think Pandora FMS isn't give much priority for Host Alive.As an example , When we go to the agent (check attachment (device_data1.png)),
"status image"(I showed it in arrow) ,if there are more modules and if one of the modules is not OK it says "At least one module  in CRITICAL/WARNING... status". So that by looking at this icon we cannot say the agent is down or not(host alive or not).
imagine there is a agent that has 30 modules and its host alive module is normal (data =1.00),and one of the other modules is in critical status (host latency is in critical status). In this situation status image is in red colour and said "At least one module in CRITICAL status" .
This is correct ,But we cannot say agent is down or not by looking at this. So I thinks Host Alive is more prominent than other modules in agents details page.Only way to know that status of "host alive" is, scroll down that page and see "Full list of monitors" table of that agent. And if there are more than 20 modules in that agent , have to look at the next page (because of the pagination).
So what am I saying is if we can show host alive status in "Agent contact" table or top of the agents detail page ,user can easily get a clear idea of the agent is up or down (like this see the attachment agent_status2.png).

And other thing is if we can show the exact time that host alive module is down ,that'll gives very clear idea about the agent by looking at glance .
hope you'll get the idea.
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Those status images only indicate if there is a module in a critical status. When a module gets in a critical status it would be normal to check why that happens. In these terms the status images are notifying you that in the agent there is a module with critical status and you need to check why that happens.

I would have to agree.  For us (MSP) is knowing if the host are down or not. A simple little arrow like Green up and a red down would be great for a quick at a glance knowing if servers are actually down or not.  For use we may 100 servers on the board and 10-15% are in red,  These servers are are problems child and usually it is low ram, which is normal on some machines as they process jobs. BUt having to drill down on them every hour is time consuming.  But if there was a flag for agent down then it is quickly apparent that the issue is serious.

You can configure the alert system to send emails when a module gets into a critical or warning status.


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