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unknow status show in some data modules while receiving data???
I'm using a data server to monitor wireless devices.every 5min i get data from wireless devices by using external script and send all data to pandorafms by using .data files.(xml files.)
It is working properly but today i saw few devices show unknown status. i checked devices. devices are ok and xml genarating is also ok.Those modules received data (module_data.jpg) without a problem but graph showed unknown status for 30mins.(module_graph.jpg) and module status also changed to the unknown color.

why is it showing unknown status when data is already there?
Is there any problem in my module configuration?

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.jpg   module.jpg (Size: 10.18 KB / Downloads: 86)
.jpg   module_ graph.jpg (Size: 42.55 KB / Downloads: 91)
.jpg   module_configuration.jpg (Size: 68.84 KB / Downloads: 93)
.jpg   module_data.jpg (Size: 117.74 KB / Downloads: 99)

It's very strange. Why have you set FF threshold to 6? In data modules I think that in data modules I do not need to use, it is normal to use only in boolean type modules.

I had the same problem. I delete the module and create it again. Everything works fine now.

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