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filter using customer fields
If we go to the "Agents info", there are some custom fields(ex:-Serial Number,Department,Additional ID),And also there is a place to adds new custom fields. In "Monitor Details" ,there are some filter options to choose. But there aren’t filter option for filter by customer fields. If that option is available in monitor details page ,I think it is very useful in monitoring.

As an example , guess that there are 10 customers and each customer has 300 agents(devices). And each customer has there own "customer ID" and that customer ID is added to all agents that customer belongs to by using new "custom field" option. So if there is a filtering option for filter custom fields in monitor details page ,it is very easy to get agents and module data using that custom fields.

Thanks for suggestion.

We will consider for next versions or upgrades.

OK, thanks for the response. And I think you’ve  got the idea . And I'm waiting for that Smile


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