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how to installl
I try to use pandorafms snmp wizard in Pandora FMS v5.0dev. It shows information message "Please, install the SNMP remote plugin (The name of the plugin must be".I downloaded that plugin and tried to install it. I follow the installation in the manual in that plugin zip file but i couldn't complete the installation because documentation old and Its for Pandora FMS v4.0 . some fields are not existing in pandorafms5. I want to know about installing "" with more details and i also need to know how to add it to a device as a plugin module...
You need to update pandora_server too, and the plugin will copy in the correct folder.


Then in Administration > Manage Servers > Manage plug-ins, add a new plugin with name SNMP remote and plugin command /usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin/


ok. I'll try that.
I am getting the same message regarding the installation of the remote snmp plug in and I have confirmed it is located in the correct directory (per the reply above) and that the plug in is listed with the same path under the plug in listing. Please advise on anything else that may be a problem.
Hi csandrews68,

Configure the plugin with the following parameters:

- Plug-in command: perl /usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin/

- Plug-in parameters: -H _field1_ -c _field2_ _field3_

- Description (_field1_): Target IP                  Default value (_field1_): _address_

- Description (_field2_): Community              Default value (_field2_): public

- Description (_field3_): Plug-in Parameters  Default value (_field3_):


Thanks Roberto - That took care of it. I find it odd that on previous versions, it was already registered.

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