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Sending email and alerts using Zimbra email
I have try to install pandora multiple times and everything works fine until i get to the firing alert system, I read quit a bit and although im not expert at all i keep trying because i love this software, i just cant seem to make it work. I have my action, alert and template set up to fire and email to my account when host-live is down, simple for testing and accuracy. The console shows the module going critical, subsequently it fires the alert and it shows an orange bar however, i get no email in my inbox. I was trying to use an external email server called Zimbra that uses imap, smtp and this mail transport . Adter reading i found out that after version 4 pandora includes a smtp feature to avoid all this email madness. I will really appreciate if anybody can advice on what would be the best course of action on either configuring the server with Zimbra or using the internal capabilities of pandorafms (which i prefer) and how. Im running Ubuntu 12.10 and pandora 4.0.3. PLEASE HELP

mta_address 192.168.0.xx

mta_port  725

mta_user pandora

mta_pass xxxxxx

mta_auth LOGIN

mta_from [email protected]

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hello Gabriel

Actually we havent tested Pandora FMS email setting with Zimbra Server, but this will have be similar to other email setting.

Check our Gmail guide configuration:

Here you can see how to probe email checks

Thank you so much, the configuration of postfix help me a lot. Pandora is finally sending messages for me. 
Great news! Smile that is a good way to start 2014 !

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