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SNMP Bandwidth Data Console Display
Im running Suse 12.2 in my server and i have a fresh install of pandora 4.02 and its working really good; however, i have a concern. Im trying to monitor the bandwidth from some access points in my network, i follow a video tutorial in youtube and its actually quite simple to follow. In the Tutorial they add an SNMP remote check by creating a manual module, he selected alphanumeric data verified the servers IP and ran an SNMP Walk. He selected the SNMP OID IF-MIB::IfInOctate and click create. After he got some data, his output was displaying in actual Bytes per second (16.09B/s) . I followed the same steps an i dont get that data like in the tutorial. My output are express as if they were only numeric_data when i did choose alphanumeric_data. Any suggestion of what can be causing this?

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Hi Gabriel,

Create a new SNMP module, but  in this case, choose SNMP incremental type for IF-MIB::IfInOctate OID. It can be a error in the video tutorial.

i tried your suggestion and although im able to receive data is not expressed on B/s . I also have been reading on the MIB OIDs for the wireless brand we manage and they seemed to used or combine some OID to calculate the Bandwidth Rate, I guess my question is would you know what does that number from the OID means? is it already calculated or is just per say an number of packets?
In this url you can find its description:

Choosing incremental type for the module, the first time it shows 0, because there is no data before, but the second time it returns new data, Pandora will shows the correct data.

Incremental : The whole numeric data equals to the differential being between the current value and the previous one. When this differential is negative, the value is fixed to 0

k .. that makes sense. Is it an issue that i data doesn't have a measure unit beside the data when it displays ? or is supposed to be just the raw data
Could you attach a ascreenshot with module configuration and its last data, please?

Unit is not showed unless you configure it in module Advanced Option, because Pandora is not able to know the unit of a return command, p.e:

I configure a module that returns always 1:

module_name Name
module_type generic_data
module_exec echo 1

How Pandora knows if this module has or not a Unit? What is this unit? Pandora is imposible to know all units of all modules. It is an administrator or user task to cofigure or not the units.

My apologies, i didnt really understand, and didnt really see all the advance settings under each module. I see now how to set up an unit for each module, but the unit conversion is a bit confusing for me. Per example, I'm trying to check the LAN speed into my Access point, the data i get is 100,000,000 Mb after i update the post process option in the module to 0.001 to get the connection of 100 Mbs. nothing really takes place in the console. And what parameter can I use to convert the Units of the bandwidth.?

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Hi Gabriel,

It should works fine... Have you test postprocess whith other module? It could be a bug with this feature.


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