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Pandora FMS Agent version 4.0.1 fails

It is my first post.

I have a communication fail between Pandora FMS agent (4.0.1) installed in a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition machine and Pandora Server Open Souce (3.2.1) installed in a Open Suse version 11.4 machine. I have communication with Pandora FMS Server port (41121) but I can not to register the agent in the server of Pandora FMS. I do not see errors in the enviroment, events in the Event Viewers, fails in the log files, etc...


I've never tried to make an agent work with a Pandora with an older version.

I'm going to check if it works and I give you an answer after checking

Did it work in the past?


I have many agents of the Pandora FMS version 4.0.1 connected (in operation) in my Pandora FMS Server version 3.2.1.


Try activating debug con pandora agent conf by setting it like:

debug 1

Then restart the agent and attach this files:

program files\pandora_agent\pandora_agent.log
program files\pandora_agent\debug.log

And the xml data generated in:

program files\pandora_agent\temp


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