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BUG: Pandora Server doesn't like a MySQL bounce
I have MySQL on a master-master setup by which if mysql-1 goes down, the IP address automatically transfers to mysql-2.

If mysql-1 is downed, the Pandora FMS console continues to function--the IP address moves, the Web console shows you what's in the database.

However, Pandora starts collecting a bigger and bigger backlog of XML files as soon as the console is downed.  The server needs a restart once MySQL drops and comes back up or else it just collects logs forever.  This seems to occur even if MySQL is just restarted in earnest, so may affect a single database server that bounces.

Try stopping and then starting MySQL and see if Pandora Server starts backlogging input instead of recovering from the failure.

Check the next instructions in order to optimize mysql.I also attach a way to balance two nodes which is already tested with pandora also (I don't know if it's the one you are using)

Yes I have master-master with automated script (mysql-mmm) to change over if the db goes down.

The problem is if the db ever goes down, pandora server hangs.  In the event of a db server restart or a fail-over, pandora server stops processing XML files entirely.
Could you attach this files?:





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