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[SOLVED]Rescon server
Hi, i'm a new user.

How to start Rescon Server for snmp discovery?


Recon Server is activated by default on  pandora_server configuration.

In order to configure it you should go to Manage servers > Manage recontask

Here is the full explanation:

I've configured everything as the guide explains the link. But do not start discovery. I feel as if Recon Server is not running
Check on /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf if recon_server si set to 1

Yes, It is set to 1.

# Activate (1) Pandora FMS Recon server

reconserver 1
Check if recon server is updating on the servers view (You can click on the top message on console which tells "all systems ready"

Remember to have the network server also activated.
I upgrade, but I always reports "All systems: Down"
No se si será muy lógico pero hay que preguntar, cuando te dice que esta todo caido suele ser porque el servidor de pandora esta desactivado ¿lo está? "/etc/init.d/pandora_server status" Smile

Un Saludo
As Jartal told you,check if pandora_server is running,if it isn't try starting it using:

/etc/init.d/pandora_server start

If it doesn't start attach pandora_server.log and pandora_server.error which  by default are in:


So we can see what's happening

Something does not work as expected. She asks me constantly to do the upgrade.

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