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Problem due to incorrect time on Pandora server

My Pandora server rebooted and picked up a date in the year 2033! I have corrected the date. All my server agents are OK but the network modules show the last contact time of -672,159,620 seconds (in the future) and will not show graphs or fire alerts.

Is there an easy SQL script or built in function to delete all data that were logged >2013? The built in functions I have found allow me to delete entries in the past but not the future.

Thanks in advance.

Forgot to add: I am running Pandora v3.2.1 110222
I solved this myself by going through the tables with mySQL Query Browser and updating any last_fired, last_reference, utimestamp and ultimo_contacto fields in several tables. I could see that the timestam/utimestamp was >2000000000 when the system clock was set to the year 2033, so it was easy to use DELETE and UPDATE SQL statements to delete those data records or to reset the time stamps to yesterday for the last contact/alert fired times.

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