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Dublicated agents after update to Pandora 4

I have updated Pandora from 3.1 to 3.2.1 and then to 4.0.1.
After the update to 4.0.1 I have hundrets of new agents with no alarms. The agents name is just an IP adress and they have just one module (host alive). This checks may have been assigned to other agents before the update to 4.0.1
I havent this problems after the update to 3.2.1

Another problem: some (or maybe all?) windows agents have been created new. The old agents are still running and fire alarm, because they time out. The automatically new created ones have new IDs (but the same, old names), are assigned to other groups and they have no alerts defined.

Is there a way to change the agent ID?
How can you prevent from such a problem?

oh ok iI found out, that alle the new agents were detected by recon tasks. so the server config file is 2 days old and I have updated the system today. recon is enabled there.
but I dont know if the recon jobs where configured bevor the version 4 update. So I will have a lot of fun deleting alle these agents.
I still dont know where the dublicated agents come from...

I have opened a ticket into the bug tracker (in Project page in sourceforge).

You can follow the tread in:

But, Could you paste a list of duplicated agents?

Thank you for your reply. I have recreated the Alarms and deleted the dublicated agents manually, so i cant paste a list of the dublicated agents.

But all dublicates have the same schema:
- They are windows clientinstallations and arent updated from 3.1 to 3.2. They where still at 3.1, when the server already have been upgraded to 4.0.1 (some are still running 3.1)
- no agents in the local network had this problem, just agents which send their information with tentacle via the internet (pay attention to the next point!)
- all checks from pandora server (hostalive, snmp checks) checked the "old" agents, all checks done by the windowsclient created new agents with only the checks defined at the clientconfig. in local network, the windows server are checked with WMI, so they have no windows client installed

I will have to update 2 more pandoraservers in a lager network. I will see, if I have the problem again.

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