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recon script doesn't get the topology right
Hi there,

I installed Pandora FMS Server 4.0.1 Build 111215 on Ubuntu 11, with Xprobe2 v.0.3 and Nmap 5.21. I think all other dependencies are also installed well.

The network i want to manage is a /19 thus 32*Class C network. The main point about the management is the visualisation of the network topology and the observation of the availability of the machines. The recon task works fine and find s a lot of machines.

The problem now is, that the network map doesn't show the right topology. There are nearly all machines in the "first layer" from the machine pandora works on and it  s getting less with every layer although the network in real reaches up to 17 hops and is quite distributed.

Concerning the recon task:
- parent discovery is enabled
- mode: network sweep
- module template: full snmp monitoring
- parent recursion: 30

Is PandoraFMS able to do that?
I m looking forward to your advice

Greets Phil

I don't know a solution for this trouble.

But I going to ask to my jobmates.

And I put the link to your trouble (for make more easy for my jobmates):,4960.0.html


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