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Client API

As I am evaluating PandoraFMS for our needs, I have two questions:

1. My main goal is to be able to push events from a java application into the NMS. As my java application emits JMX notifications, I want to catch them and using your REST API send a status event to pandora. Is it possible? I saw that there is a possibility to report an 'incident' through REST, is it what I'm looking for?

2. Another requirement is to be able to execute commands from the network map on hosts and components. Is it possible to define such commands to be invoked from a context menu on the map? (e.g. open a web browser with a specific URL)

Thanks in advance


For the first question, you can read the documentation regarding the external API:

And the answer is yes: you can use the predefined set functions to create new incidents, modules, generate new module data, etc...

Besides, you have more ways, like, for example, using a JMX-SNMP adapter to convert these notifications into SNMP traps and send them to the Pandora Server.

Regarding the second question, you can define icons with a specific URL as a label... then you can click on the icon and get redirected to that URL, but this action would be performed in your machine: it cannot be performed in remote hosts.

You can define modules in the agents to execute commands on hosts and components, but you cannot execute these modules from the network map view.

I hope this helps you.

Thank you very much for the informative and elaborate answer!

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