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URL Monitoring
I'm hoping this is something that's so simple I'm overlooking it.

I'm trying to convince my organization to switch to monitoring with PandoraFMS.  I'm a beginning user with it, and have it configured, and monitoring hardware as well as we could hope.  I know there's a lot of untapped power in it, but that will hopefully come in the future.

My big hang up now is that I need to monitor approximately 50 websites, just to make sure they're responding.  It doesn't need to perform logins, searches, etc (like can be done with enterprise apparently), just go to a URL, and make sure it's there, and that it responds.

I don't know where to start though.  I imagine something could be done with wget from the server itself (running linux), but I'm not sure where to start with a module to check a URL, and perhaps report back the latency? 

Any help would be very appreciated
hi rian.weaver

you have to create a network module. the type of data: Remote TCP network agent, boolean data

then you put the ip and the port of the server. and in the tcp send the url of the site without the ip

for example              GET /mysite/mypage.asp HTTP/1.0^M^M

if it was the root only              GET / HTTP/1.0^M^M

and de tcp send ( normaly )                HTTP/1.1 200 OK

hope it helps,

see you soon

Thank you for your reply, that is helpful.

The problem I'm experiencing now is that we have many websites / bindings on each server.  For instance

All of these sites are running on one server (one IP address) using IIS bindings, etc.

I tried using the server IP address as the "Target IP", 80 (or 443) as the port, and then in the TCP SEND box, using


but that doesn't seem to be working.  Any additional help you can provide would be MUCH appreciated.  Thanks again

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