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Setting up Pings Monitoring w/ Min, Max, and Avg

I'm new to Pandora FMS and OpenSource in general. I have set up a Linux Ubuntu v7.04 server and I have followed all the steps in the Pandora Server and Console installation documentation. I was successfull and I can now access the pandora web console from any PC in my newtwork. However, setting up the agents, modules, etc it's a bit confusing to me. I want to set up PandoraFMS to ping various hosts in my network and report the Min, Max, and Avg along with a graph showning the Average response time per hour for a 24 hour period. Also, would like to set up Bandwith utilization graphs as well. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Pandora can monitor anything with in local with a agent in the device to monitor or remotely with the network server.

You can monitor a ping to device or bandwith utilization.

First you must add a new agent in Administration>Manage Agent.

You can access to the new agent in Operation> view agent> Agente detail For example.

You can access to configure the agent in Administration> Manage config. Click in agent. In Modules Tab you can configure the ping and bandwith utilization wit snmp query.

Regards in advance.

It is difficult from a forum to setup your console.
The best suggestion I can give you is to read the basic setup from the documentation and to try some tests. When you will find problems ask here and it will be answered. :wink:
By the way, take care of what villa has said. Every device can be reached via SNMP (both servers and networking). Theorically agents are not indispensable. By the way, giving to the server the possibility to monitor himself and communicate with Pandora is a way to avoid Pandora to calculate a big amount of data. Networking devices can be monitored only by the "Network server agent" implemented in Pandora.

See you soon in this forum!
Thank you both for your quick reply..Here's what I have done:

- Administration/Manage Agents/Create Agent
- I select the Module I want the new agent to use (Host Latency w/ interval of 15)

When I go to view the agent, I get no data. Browsing through the FMS console, I noticed that there isn't any Pandora FMS servers listed under Operation/Pandora Servers. Perhaps that may be the issue. The console doesn't know which server to use in order to set the monitor?? If that's the case, then how do I specify a server?

Thanks much in advance.
Have you started the Pandora network server? You can understand it from the Pandora Servers item in the Operation menu.
When I go to the Pandora console and I browse to Operation/Pandora Servers I get the following message: "There are no servers configured into the database"
You have to start the servers!
Look on the official documentation, everything is written over there!
Thanks for the tip..and I apologize for my lack of Linux knowledge, but how would I manually start the pandora server? I have read through the quick install guide for Pandora Server and I was unable to find any reference to starting the server manually. I figured that by installing the server, it will automatically start.

Thanks in advance.
OK..I figured out how to manually start the pandora server..not only that but I was getting an error message when pandora server was starting related to a database access denied. After correcting the dbpassword field in the file, the pandora server showed up on the console. However, I'm still not getting any info out of the Host Latency agent/module. Am I missing something?
First, depending on your distro, check that


exists and has permission for writing for the pandora user.

Then, using pandora user, you can run the pandora_server script without parameters, it shows you which parameters you need
[code:1][email protected]:~/pandora_server/bin$ ./pandora_server

Pandora FMS Data Server 1.3 Build PS071012 Copyright © 2004-2007 ArticaST
This program is Free Software, licensed under the terms of GPL License v2.
You can download latest versions and documentation at

I Need at least one parameter: Complete path to Pandora FMS Server configuration file.

pandora_server <fullpathname> [ options ]

Following options are optional :
-v : Verbose mode activated, give more information in logfile
-d : Debug mode activated, give extensive information in logfile
-D : Daemon mode (runs in backgroup)
-h : This screen, show a little help screen

So, you need to run:

[code:1][email protected]:~/pandora_server/bin$ ./pandora_server ../conf/pandora_server.conf

Pandora FMS Data Server 1.3 Build PS071012 Copyright © 2004-2007 ArticaST
This program is Free Software, licensed under the terms of GPL License v2.
You can download latest versions and documentation at

[*] Server basepath is ../conf/pandora_server.conf
[*] Server logfile at /var/log/pandora/pandora_server.log
[*] Server errorlogfile at /var/log/pandora/pandora_server.error
[*] Server incoming directory at /var/spool/pandora/data_in
[*] Server keepalive 50
[*] Server threshold 15
[*] You are running Pandora FMS Data Server.
[*] This server is running in MASTER mode.
[*] Pandora FMS Server [charles_Data] is running and operative
Pandora Data Server is now running with PID 12667


For this example, I run pandora server from the /home/pandora/pandora_server/bin directory, using /home/pandora/pandora_server/conf/pandora_server.conf configuration file.

Before running it, check that you can connect with database with the credentials given in the installation process of the Web Console.


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