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Channel error
I have installed the rpms from Manuel on Fedore Core 7 and the windows agent on my desktop. Everything seems to be running, but I see this in my Windows agent log:

07-17-07 14:07:00: Run begin
07-17-07 14:07:06: Copying XML on C:\windows\temp\
07-17-07 14:07:06: Connecting with x.x.x.x
07-17-07 14:07:11: Pandora Agent: Authentication succeded on x.x.x.x
07-17-07 14:07:11: Remote copying XML C:\windows\temp\ on server x.x.x.x at /var/spool/pandora/data_in/
07-17-07 14:07:11: getting buffer
07-17-07 14:07:11: buffer get
07-17-07 14:07:11: buffer length
07-17-07 14:07:11: Unable to copy at /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ . Channel error
07-17-07 14:07:11: Next execution on 300 mins

Can anyone help?


Which version of Windows agent are you using? I don't remember those debug output, because they were removed...

It is the 1.3 beta 1 client off of Sourceforge.

Output from top of log:

# Fichero de configuracion base de agentes de Pandora
# Base config file for Pandora FMS Windows Agent
# Version 1.2.0
# © 2006 Esteban Sanchez
# © 2006 Artica Soluciones Tecnologicas

Maybe the version of log file is wrong... One of many mismatches when doing a new release... It does not matter anyway.

Does this problem happens always or sometimes?

Did you try runing...

[code:1]PandoraAgent.exe --test-ssh[/code]

from a DOS console?

Hope we can find a solution...

This happens over and over again in the log file. Running the command you suggested gets me the following:

C:\Program Files\Pandora_Agent>PandoraAgent.exe --test-ssh
Public key file C:\Program Files\Pandora_Agent\key\ exists.
Private key file: C:\Program Files\Pandora_Agent\key\id_dsa exists.
Connecting with x.x.x.x.
Authentication successful.
Host fingerprint: xx.xx.xx.xx.xx...
Created a blank XML file in C:\windows\temp\ssh.test
Remote copying C:\windows\temp\ssh.test on server x.x.x.x at /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ssh.test
An unhandled exception happened.

I'm not sure how informative that is.

I have found this to be a permissions error server-side.

Can you explain which kind of permissions were fault and how did you fix it? Just in case someone else have this bug and to have a more verbose error system on Windows agent.

Thank you!
I had the same problem i just changed the owner of the data directory

chown pandora /opt/pandora/pandora_server/data_in

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