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MySQL error
Hi all and sorry about my poor english.

I have a problem with Babel Enterprise. I have installed Babel Server in a Debian Linux and it look works fine. After that, i installed the agent for unix machines in Debian Server, set up ssh...etc.

The agent is ok, because i can see all the packets in /var/spool/babel_data_in and the babel_server seems to be ok too, because I can access babel_console without problems using konqueror or firefox.

When i access babel_console, i created the agent for localhost (Debian Server)...and here is my problem. When i try to see the information about the agent i obtain the following error:

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /var/www/babel_console/include/functions_db.php on line 269

I have drop and create the database for two times, drop and create the user babel with all the privileges in babel database and I can't solve this problem. Can anybody help me, please?

First off, Babel does not act as Pandora does, you don't have to create the agent in the web console manually since Babel does it when it recieves the XML package (it creates the agent with the name of the package)
So remember to do not create the agent manually

Secondly, try to make a tail -f babel_server.log and when doing that, copy the data either manually or running the agent and see what happens when the XML is processed by the server, whether it's succesfull or not.
Let us know your results
Thanks, Manu.

I deleted the agent that I was created and after that I have restarted babel_server, babel_agent, mysql and apache server...and it works fine! Smile

Thanks for all.

PD: Now i am trying to install the windows agent, but i have some problems compiling it with dev-cpp...i will investigate it later...
To be honest I have no so much idea about the Windows agent, but I do wonder why you need to compile it...

On the other hand, glad to hear you got your problem solved :-)

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