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Problem adding Perl-SNMP module
Where must I put that file and create the directory?
As I said, in some of the directories perl showed you, like for instance:

This is not actually the best and more polite way to make it works, but it does works when there's no rpm available :-)
I have take a look into the file and I have found this:

use Date::Manip; # Needed to manipulate DateTime formats of input, output and compare
use Time::Local; # DateTime basic manipulation
use Net::Ping::External qw(ping); # For ICMP conectivity
use Net::Ping; # For ICMP latency
use Time::HiRes; # For high precission timedate functions (Net::Ping)
use IO::Socket; # For TCP/UDP access
use SNMP; # For SNMP access (libnet-snmp-perl package!

The last line, may this problem be related to it? It is, could I download this rpm and try installing it as a way for solving this issue?
Actually not, the problem is the is missing.
The file you took from my server is the one shipped with the perl-net-snmp RPM so it should work as long as you put it on the right place
Good night:

Thank you for your help, Manu but... Could you activate that URL or send me the .pm file again? Once I downloaded it, I accidentally deleted it from the system.

Check out your email, mate


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