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Anyone help a Linux noob with ubuntu wireless networking?
Dear friends,
    I've just put together a scrap computer out of left overs. Its got XP on it and I decided to try Ubuntu.

I've tried Ubuntu before and it was ok but not great but that was awhile ago.

Anyway the windows installer is great (Wubi), really easy to understand and clearly laid out.

My main trouble is getting wireless networking working, wired networking is not an option where I have the computer set up.

I've poked about a bit and it looks like a driver is loaded but I'm getting a disconnected message under the wireless networks icon and its not picking any available networks up.

If I type nm-tool in terminal I get

type: 802.11 wifi
and the MAC address of my adaptor

lspci tells me its a broadcom corp bcm4306 802.11b/g wireless LAN controller.

This is all pretty much gibberish to me though.

I know its not a hardware problem as it works fine if I boot into windows.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
What is the version of your Ubuntu?

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