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Make all graphs have the same Y axis
I'm trying to make a dashboard to display CPU load graphs, but I have one problem - the Y axis is different on all graphs. Is there a way to make the Y axis always the same - so maximum 100% instead of 40% for example?

Thank you

[Image: sEGSd3m.png]

Currently there is no functionality that can be used for what you propose, I will discuss it with my fellow developers to see if it can be introduced.

In the meantime, I can think of a solution, which is not the same as what you propose, but maybe it will work for you. The idea is, instead of showing several different graphs, to show a single graph with all the data. To do this, create a custom graph with all the modules you want to monitor and add this custom graph to the Pandora FMS dashboard, so all the data will be represented with each other in the same scale.


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