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Error with creating database.

I'm installing PandoraFMS on Ubuntu 18.04.
Got everything setup, but while I'm going trough the installation I keep getting problems wiht making the Database.
I'm trying to create it with a root user account.

Getting the following error:

INSERT INTO `tnetwork_component` (`id_nc`, `name`, `description`, `id_group`, `type`, `max`, `min`, `module_interval`, `tcp_port`, `tcp_send`, `tcp_rcv`, `snmp_community`, `snmp_oid`, `id_module_group`, `id_modulo`, `id_plugin`, `plugin_user`, `plugin_pass`, `plugin_parameter`, `max_timeout`, `max_retries`, `history_data`, `min_warning`, `max_warning`, `max_critical`, `str_warning`, `min_ff_event`, `min_critical`, `custom_string_2`, `str_critical`, `custom_integer_1`, `custom_string_1`, `post_process`, `custom_string_3`, `wizard_level`, `custom_integer_2`, `critical_instructions`, `unit`, `unknown_instructions`, `macros`, `warning_inverse`, `warning_instructions`, `tags`, `critical_inverse`, `module_macros`, `id_category`, `min_ff_event_warning`, `disabled_types_event`, `ff_type`, `min_ff_event_normal`, `dynamic_interval`, `min_ff_event_critical`, `dynamic_min`, `each_ff`, `dynamic_two_tailed`, `dynamic_max`, `dynamic_next`) VALUES (786,'N. total processes','Number of running processes in a Windows system.',11,34,0,0,300,0,'tasklist /NH | find /c /v ""','','','',6,2,0,'','','',0,0,1,0.00,0.00,'',0.00,0.00,'',0,'','windows','',0,0,0.000000000000000,'','nowizard','','','','',0,0,0,'','{\"going_unknown\":1}','',0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0);

[Image: dot_green.png]
Connection with Database
[Image: dot_green.png]
Opening database 'pandora'
[Image: dot_green.png]
Creating schema
[Image: dot_red.png]
Populating database
[Image: dot_green.png]
Established privileges for user pandora. A new random password has been generated: pmqxduml
Please write it down, you will need to setup your Pandora FMS server, editing the /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf file

[Image: dot_green.png]
Write permissions to save config file in './include'
[Image: dot_green.png]
Created new config file at 'include/config.php'

There were some problems. Installation was not completed.
Please correct failures before trying again. All database schemes created in this step have been dropped.

Maybe someone can help me fix this? Big Grin

Kind regards,


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