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[Solved] Server crash notifications

I'm getting following notifications time to time (every 10-15 minutes) and goes away. but there are no errors logged in pandora_server.error. server service seems to run fine. There are no restarts or stops in the service.

[Image: uc?id=1lr5-MrSeiwkWcMyhmWuk9gBlEISPAql4]

i'm running Pandorafms v7.0NG.749 - Build PC200909 - MR 41 on Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS

Any help will be appreciated.


I am reading this function, it seems to me (maybe) ¿a time problem from server? (other reason: old cache at database). 
Or maybe I am wrong with this theory.

PHP Code:
    public function checkPandoraServers()
        $servers db_get_all_rows_sql(
                unix_timestamp() - unix_timestamp(keepalive) as downtime
            FROM tserver
                unix_timestamp() - unix_timestamp(keepalive) > server_keepalive
                OR status = 0'

Line 1201:

Please, check the file /var/log/pandora/pandora_server.log and tell us if you see any related error. You can also send it to us so that we can check it.

I was managed to solved the problem. Thank you Jimmy_Olano for pointing me to the code.

Below is the DB query how pandorafms check for server status. line 1298

public function checkPandoraServerMasterAvailable()
        $n_masters = db_get_value_sql(
                count(*) as n
            FROM tserver
                unix_timestamp() - unix_timestamp(keepalive) <= server_keepalive
                AND master > 0
                AND status = 1'

This checks whether last keepalive value is lower than than the defined threshold. If difference of the keepalive more than the defined threshold, it will generate notification.

Earlier I had configured server_threshold = 60 intentionally (default value = 5) while server_keepalive 45 (default) in pandora_server.conf which will result server upating tserver table keepalive on every 60 seconds. So, that cause notifications popping up randomly.

Now i have reduced server_threshold = 15. so no more false notifications.

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