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PandoraFMS docker on Raspberry with Raspbian
Hi all, I have performed a search in the forum but no threads related to Raspberry with Raspbian and if its supported the PandoraFMS container.

Im getting the following error when trying to run the image:
standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"

I have done a search in google and looks like this error is because there is no support of the architecture on the docker file.

Does anyone knows if PandoraFMS container can be run in a raspberry with raspbian?


Architecture x86 versus ARM: we need a new compilation and build a new image just for that. 

¿Maybe Dockcross can help?

¡Have a nice day!
We only support the agent install on raspbian, it can be installed using sources and make.
Regarding the pandorafms docker image as the most of this images is compiled in x64 and cannot be used in ARM.
Kind regards.

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