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Add flag in UI settings to suppress "PhantomJS is not installed" warning.

Would it be possible to add a flag in the UI settings to suppress the "PhantomJS is not installed" warning ?

I don't need PhantomJS so I haven't installed it, so I get warning every time I update or reboot.

I usually go in to the code and comment out the test in the PHP. It would be nice if there was a flag in the UI config that tells the server not to check if PhantomJS is installed ?

Good day! How do you do?

Here my opinion (just that: an opinion)

PhantomJS is a very important component inside Pandora FMS, even is listed in "General Settings" with other very high settings as "Automatically check for updates" and "Use SSL certificates":

Instructions for install it (we must fix some URL's at Wiki PFMS ):

I am thinking -maybe- about a class that works for every user for set their preferences. Of course such class must create own table at database for remember every user's preference. Hard but not impossible.

Bye, have a nice day everyone!

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