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API call to get overall status ?
I want to drive an external traffic light, that will light up red/amber/green LEDs based on the overall status of Pandora.
Is there an API call that will return the over all percentage of Normal, Warning & Critical Modules or Agents, similar to the percentage bars in the default Group View ?
i.e. if normal = 100% the traffic light will be green. If normal < 100%, and critical = 0%, the traffic light will be Amber, and if normal < 100% and Critical > 0% the traffic light will be Red.
I will notice the lights change colour in my office, before I have to check my email and the web site.
Are there any API calls that would give me an overall high level status ? Rather than me having to call all the Agents individually through the API and do the maths myself in a script ?
I looked but I couldn't find one ?

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