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Error Wizard WMI withwindows 2016 - access denied
Hi to all,
I am starting in pandora worlds!! with the version Pandora FMS v7 ONG 7.44, and once I did the discovery task, I am trying to implement my windows server in pandora from the wizard WMI, but when I tried to use the credentials, I always received access denied in my Windows 2016 server and nothing in pandora.
Server windows 2016 standalone (without domain), firewall OFF in all environments, UAC desconected, COM security rights applied. 

Same results in a windows 10 .

But when I've tried a WMI connection from wmiexplorer I can connect without problems.
I've checked the local policy, Network management and I've tried all the options.
In the configuration file of pandora the server WMI is active  as 1.

Is someone with this kind of issue?
Is this possible to connect with this manner or I've to install the agent in the windows server before I tried to conect with WMI?.
Thank so much in advance.

 Motivo del error:  Nombre de usuario desconocido o contraseña incorrecta
estado :  0X000006D
Subestado: 0X000006A

Those are the users that I've tried in order to connect with the machine
Usuario introducido  Administrador
Utilizado  nb-maquina\Administrador                  nb-maquina/Administrador             administrador   Administrador        [email protected]

In order not to have several posts with the same problem we will solve your doubts in the post you created in Spanish.


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