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how write plugin average value
Hello all,
im bluilding the monitor vmware via snmp,
i have done all network component for varius object and all work fine.
just for the cpu need a little help

neel create a simple plug-in for make the average value from networkcomponentcpu1,cpu2,cpu3 ecc..

this why snmp in vmware give the single cpu average load for every -component

then the generic ask : how write a plug-in for calculate the average value from somes network component value?

tnx alot!

You can write the plugin in any format that supports the machine where you are going to run it, for example in case of CentOS you could create a simple bash script that takes the desired data from a command and then calculates the average value.

In summary, you simply have to create a script in the machine you want to monitor and execute it through the software agent of the machine

hello, tnx for reply
"i think" ?! in this case need have aplug at server level.
Pandora have the value from the network component, need make the avg from this 2.
done the plugin whit this one!

last last question:
my value now is a generic_String type, how can match the critical status when the value include "CRITICAL" ?

tnx all!

You can configure the status of the module in the module edition itself, setting the word CRITICAL in the critical status.


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