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How to install (only ) agent on a raspberry ?
Hello all,
I have a rpi 4 where I have installed an freepbx.
I would like to monitor it since it's restarting and I don't know what's happening there.

On documentation I have found only a tutorial to install an image for RPI but I have already sistem in place and I need only agent to be installed there.

Thank you,
I did this :

Find latest tarball from here :

tar -zxvf pandorafms_agent_unix-7.0NG.744.tar.gz
cd unix
./pandora_agent_installer --install --no-tentacle-server

Seems to work.

As mentioned by Jon Russell, you can download the pandora agent from the sourceforge website ( and then you should simply install the agent as mentioned in the Pandora FMS documentation.


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