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Generate Report for Missing Modules
Is it possible to create a report that generates information about agents that are missing specific modules? Or is there a way to enforce some sort of policy to always ensure that a specific network module is added to any new agent?
Hello azjunglist05,

Yes, it is possible to check the agents that do not have a certain module and yes, it is possible to create a policy that makes sure that all the agents (or the ones that you want) have the modules that you want, but all this are functionalities of the PandoraFMS Enterprise version.

In case you don't want to change to the Enterprise version, the only thing that comes to my mind is that you create a periodic recon task with a template that puts the modules you want to the agents that it finds, but it won't warn you which agents are missing the modules, but it will put those modules directly.

In case you want to join the enterprise, please contact my colleagues from the commercial department, [email protected]


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