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After upgrade all agent names are replaced with unique ID's
I just upgrade to Pandora FMS v7.0NG.739 - Build 190916 - MR 32 and now ALL of my agent names are replaced with their unique ID's like this:


Instead of the original agent name.

Is there a way to get this back?
Hello azjunglist05,

The hash that you have passed us is the name of the agent, the only way that it is not generated in a random way is, when creating the agent mark the option "Use alias as name". What you usually see that allows you to easily identify the agents is what is called an "Alias", and I think that is what you may have lost by updating, which is still something very strange and that we had not seen before. In any case, you can edit the agents and give them or edit their aliases so that they can be easily re-identified.

Solved the problem of how to fix the bug, have you done anything besides update? Maybe with the database or similar? Just to know if there is a bug when upgrading to version 739, we haven't had any other complaints with the version.

Hey Diego,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I ended rolling back to a snapshot of the VM I had taken prior to the upgrade, but I'm going to attempt the upgrade one more time to see if I have similar issues.

I found it very odd though because all of our agents already have aliases. Would you possibly be able to identify the table name where the agent aliases and names are stored, so I can cross reference those tables pre/post upgrade?


Also - do you guys currently support PHP 7.3 or only 7.2?

Good news - I reran the upgrade and everything worked properly now. The problem was when I was updating the database schema I didn't realize it was on MR 32 now, so I only went to MR 28 on my last attempt, and then was prompted to upgrade through the console. I did that upgrade and all of the *.sql scripts were gone, so I couldn't get it to MR 32 after I realized the mistake.

All good here!
Hello azjunglist05

Great news that you have found the bug, regarding the other questions you asked, the field "Alias" can be found in the "tagente" table of PandoraFMS database. Regarding the version of PHP that PandoraFMS supports, you shouldn't have problems with 7.3, although we keep 7.2 as official.


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