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No WMI sever
Hello everyone,

I try to configure a new Pandora FMS 7.0NG.739 (P) 190930 on CentOS 7 (I had the 7.0NG.715 (P) 171114on OpenSuse 42)

On my new, I haven't got WMI Server on the manage servers web page.

The pandora_server.conf file is at : wmiserver 1

In your opinion what is wrong with my settings?

Thank you.

How did you install your Pandora FMS ?

With the ISO of CentOS you should be able to use the WMI server only with the configuration you have done.

I'ts possible that you have a problem with the libraries so please check it and tell us about it.


I didn't use the ISO.
I use the step 1.13 from this doc:
Please check the error log and server log. If you see some errors about this problem send us a screenshot.

Kind regards
I have the same problem than :

Thank for your help.

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