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How does Pandora´s Packet Loss test work?

I´m trying to analyse an issue I have with a VPN connection between two company sites. When moving a file from fileserver A to fileserver B I should get a transfer speed at 1250 kb/s but instead I only get 85-300 kb/s.

I tested the connection with the Pandora Packet Loss test and I get 65-70% packet loss. When I test with a normal ping command (and fping) I get 0-4% packet loss. I cannot recreate Pandora´s result with standard tools.

So what is the difference and how reliable is the test?

Thanks for your help!

kind regards, Peter
Monitoring packet loss
Using Pandora FMS and the plugin should give you the feedback you need to identify when and where your packets are bleeding out. It works by pinging a remote component or element, such as an IP address, hostname or website, and checks whether there has been any packet loss
The command used by this plugin to check the packet loss is:

ping -W <max_timeout> -q -f -c 50 <target> | grep -o "[0-9\.]*. packet loss" | grep -o "[0-9.]*"

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