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database broken after recent update
Hi All, I'm in a pickle now after the recent update. I get this error:

SQL error: Table 'pandora.tagent_secondary_group' doesn't exist ('SELECT DISTINCT count(DISTINCT id_agente) as total_agents FROM tagente LEFT JOIN tagent_secondary_group ON tagent_secondary_group.id_agent=tagente.id_agente WHERE tagent_secondary_group.id_group IN ("12", "8", "4", "9", "2", "10", "13", "11") OR `id_grupo` IN ("12", "8", "4", "9", "2", "10", "13", "11") AND 1 = 1 AND ( 1 = 1) AND disabled = 0 ') in /var/www/html/pandora_console/include/db/mysql.php on line 93.
The latest version of package installed is:


If you can help I'd be very thankful!
I have the same issue. What Minor Release are you on? Mine is on MR 2. I have tried manually applying the updates and the file just have errors.
Found that the 14.sql file is the one that creates the tagent_secondary_group table. Even though the files have errors when I apply them I did them all anyways and now my console works properly.
I also get this error and it's messing with the console display. I upgraded the 7.0NG Windows version from 719 to 724 using the update option in the installer. The upgrade went through without errors but when viewing the console, the database error message precedes most of the screen graphics.

I don't have access to any separate install files. Any fix?
Hi all,

You need to insert the MRs from the folder /var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/mr/X.sql (Insert it in order).

cat X.sql | mysql -u root -p <pandora_db_name>

Then move these files (X.sql) to the folder /var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/mr/updated

Lastly ejecute this command to modify the footer of the console.

update tconfig set value=17 where token='MR';

Best regards,
Is there an equivalent set of commands for Windows setup?

thx Don
Tried this,
still 'all systems down'

Thx Bart
Hello djungle , annomatik , bartvanleeuwen:

Remember that if you apply the MR , they must be in sequential order , that is, first 1.sql,2.sql..until arriving at the last one, since if for example, we pass a mr 15 before the mr 10 , possibly it will give us failure sql.

Anyway, I would like you to send me the server log, to see what may be causing your problems. Also you can make in the terminal a ""pandora_server -h"", and see if it throws some error.

I'm waiting for your answers.

Cordial greetings, and excuse the inconvenience,


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