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agent howto
can anyone recommend where to locate the best howto guide for setting up agent config

i am trying to figure out how to make these 2 modules work . .search around and am stuck

# Example of watchdog service opening it if it gets closed
module_name ServiceVNC_Server
module_type generic_proc
module_service winvnc
module_description Service VNC Server watchdog/service
module_async yes
module_watchdog yes

# Example UDP server to be able to execute remote actions such
# as starting or stopping process.
#udp_server 1
#udp_server_port 4321
#process_firefox_start firefox
#process_firefox_stop killall firefox
#service_messenger 1
did you read the wiki ?
i mean, there are a big explication about that problem.
yea was just reading it .. should of looked there first
thanks Wink

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