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[Solved] Poblems with agents

first of all - it's my first try to configure Pandora FMS on Ubuntu Server 9.10.

So, what I did - I got pandorafms.console_3.0.0.deb and pandorafms.server_3.0.0.deb, tried dpkg -i them (yelled at me about dependencies), then did apt-get -f install, then dpkg -i them again (successfully).

Got till web installation interface, noticed problem about xml rpc under dependencies, found php-xmlrpc_110-1_all.deb, set it up. While setting up database, noticed that mysql-server is missing, apt-got that, set up, installation finished successfully. Configured server.conf file - added password for db. Started services -> Can open pandora console, everything looks like it's working.

Added agent on other Ubuntu Server 9.10 machine did dpkg -i on pandorafms.agent_3.0.0.deb, configured it - server_ip, description, group. Started service, everything seems to be ok.

Still total agents are 0. Checked log files on both server and agent machine - everything is ok. Cant find any problems.

What should I do next?
Anyway I fixed the problem myself.

First - tentacle served daemon was not running. Why? Don't ask.

Second - agent configuration had misspelled server IP.

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