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Unreachability and notifications to many
About the first question: If you alter the ACTION (p.e: the destination address in an email action) the updated alert will be used on all alert templates who use it. This is the way we use to manage big enviroments, and yes, you can add a default action in alert templates, don't you see it ?, I think it's on the first step of configuration/edition of template alert.

About the second, what solution do you think it's possible, I've thought a lot about this and I don't find a better solution. If you rely only on parent, you only can provide a single "parent" or a single rule, most of times, parent is not the machine you need to "correlate", for example, you may have several routers or devices before the application you need to monitor. In your enviroment, is the parent relation all yoy need to make this kind of alerts?, it would solve all your problems about this issue ?.

About the third, not, there are not templates for correlation yet.

Enterprise version, comes with a tool call "policy management" who allow to propagate colletions of modules and alerts, it helps to do this kind of things, but there is always a need to administrate the tool, it's difficult to make things easy for everybody, but all suggestions are welcome !
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