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Unreachability and notifications to many
I tried 3.0 and I have still same issues:

- actions and alerts are now separated - great, but I add for every alert 10 actions (4 blackberry, 4 jabbers, 2 mails) and it works fine. But what if we hire another person or some person leaves us? Then it means that I have manually add or remove action for each alert (for example in nagios I have about 600 services monitored, so it seems impossible to do it in Pandora by hand), unfortunately alert template doesn't include actions; I can create external deamon to handle alerts but it will be a "dirty hack"
- correlated alarms are not solution for unreacheability problem, because I would have to correlate every alert in B host with host_alive of host A (its parent). Why can't it use "parent" field automatically and depend on it?
- also there I can't find way to create template with correlated alerts or even copy it to another agent

I wonder how people manage pandora in large installation with that issues? Maybe there are things that I am missing?
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Unreachability and notifications to many - by alchemyx - 08-17-2009, 01:46 AM

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