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Unreachability and notifications to many

I am new to Pandora FMS, currently I am using Nagios which I am planning to drop because of its ugly configuration files and funny tricks to make it better (a.k.a. extensions).

Currently I have two problems which I can't solve. One is about unreachability of hosts. For example Host A is parent of B and B is parent of C: A <- B <- C.

Now if A goes out because of power outage, also B and C are going down. Is it possible to have only notification of A going down? In nagios it works that way. It is important because if one of main switches in city fails, I will get 20 or 30 notifications which will make it useless.

Second thing is about sending alerts to many people. I have four people that get notified by blackberry (same as e-mail), four get notifications via jabber, and 2 gets them via e-mail.

So if I have 5 services for a host it means that I need to create 50 (!!) alerts? Or I am not getting something?

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Unreachability and notifications to many - by alchemyx - 08-13-2009, 11:26 AM

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