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Bug: default agent group becomes set to invalid value causing ACL violations
This was an interesting one and I can replicate it.

1. Perform recon task with preset 'basic monitoring'.
2. Chose newly added agent and attempt to click-to-edit the 'host alive' or 'host latency' module. Observe agent group is shown as a blank space on agent overview screen.
3. URL is diplayed similar to '' but a blank grey screen is shown.
4. Close browser tab and reopen portal. Observe event display shows:

ACL Violation            Attempt to access agent manager

5. Edit the agent and change the group to a value (e.g. 'servers').
6. Observe you can now edit the modules without errors.

This looks like the default group that the 'basic monitoring' scheme adds is some sort of invalid value that causes a spurious ACL violation?

I hope this report is of help.

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