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no me funciona el modulo de inventario
al colocar whois me aparece, lo curioso que cuando me voy a inventario me aparece Datos no encontrados.

Usage: whois [OPTION]... OBJECT...

-l                    one level less specific lookup [RPSL only]
-L                    find all Less specific matches
-m                    find first level more specific matches
-M                    find all More specific matches
-c                    find the smallest match containing a mnt-irt attribute
-x                    exact match [RPSL only]
-d                    return DNS reverse delegation objects too [RPSL only]
-i ATTR[,ATTR]...      do an inverse lookup for specified ATTRibutes
-T TYPE[,TYPE]...      only look for objects of TYPE
-K                    only primary keys are returned [RPSL only]
-r                    turn off recursive lookups for contact information
-R                    force to show local copy of the domain object even
                      if it contains referral
-a                    search all databases
-s SOURCE[,SOURCE]...  search the database from SOURCE
-g SOURCE:FIRST-LAST  find updates from SOURCE from serial FIRST to LAST
-t TYPE                request template for object of TYPE
-v TYPE                request verbose template for object of TYPE
-q [version|sources|types]  query specified server info [RPSL only]
-F                    fast raw output (implies -r)
-h HOST                connect to server HOST
-p PORT                connect to PORT
-H                    hide legal disclaimers
      --verbose        explain what is being done
      --help          display this help and exit
      --version        output version information and exit
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