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Mensaje continuo de que phantomjs no esta instalada
Esto sigue igual, al cabo de las horas vuelve a salir el mensaje y como podreis comprobar los parametros son los correctos.

Os envío los datos solicitados.

Un saludo.

[email protected]:/home/pandora# pandora_server -h

Pandora FMS Server 7.0NG.743 Build 200129 Copyright © 2004-2020 Artica ST
This program is OpenSource, licensed under the terms of GPL License version 2.
You can download latest versions and documentation at official web page.


 pandora_server [ options ] < fullpathname to configuration file >

Following options are optional :
        -v        :  Verbose mode activated. Writes more information in the logfile
        -d        :  Debug mode activated. Writes extensive information in the logfile
        -D        :  Daemon mode (runs in background)
        -P <file> :  Store PID to file.
        -q        :  Quiet startup
        -S <install|uninstall|run>:  Manage the win32 service.
        -h        :  This screen. Shows a little help screen

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RE: Mensaje continuo de que phantomjs no esta instalada - by Chema - 02-27-2020, 09:25 AM

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