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Upgrading from 7.718 to 7.727 in Centos Pandora ISO.
(10-01-2018, 05:03 AM)saleh Wrote: Hi

I've deployed pandora iso version 718, and trying to upgrade it to version 727, using the following commands, yet it  fails to start pandora server after im done:

   14  systemctl stop pandora_server
   15  systemctl stop tentacle_serverd
   16  systemctl stop httpd
   17  systemctl stop pandora_agent
   18  systemctl stop mysqld
   19  rpm -U pandorafms_console-7.0NG.727-1.noarch.rpm
   20  rpm -U pandorafms_server-7.0NG.727-1.noarch.rpm
   21  rpm -i perl-Geo-IP-1.43-3.el7.x86_64.rpm
   22  rpm -U pandorafms_server-7.0NG.727-1.noarch.rpm
   24  systemctl start mysqld
   25  systemctl start pandora_agent
   26  systemctl start httpd
   27  systemctl start tentacle_serverd
   28  systemctl daemon-reload
   29  systemctl start pandora_server

Note: both config.php and pandora_server.conf are similar and saw no point in restoring them.
here are the logs of the new server after the starting pandora server fails:
attached the logs

Good morning saleh,

As we can see first off all, next time try to start the Pandora server before you start de agent.

Secondly, we can see in the logs that the problem is in the connection of the server with the database. Can you please try to log in the database with the credentials of the .conf of the server?

Best regards,


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